Welcome to the DeltaBots Playground!

Dive into the future of AI interactions right here. Our Playground is more than just a showcase; it's an experience. Interact live with our bots, discover their unique capabilities, and witness the seamless fusion of technology and conversation. Whether you're exploring for business or just intrigued by AI, there's a bot waiting to chat with you.

Meet Dolly, HR Assistant

Interact with Dolly, your AI Assistant for Health and Wellness. Engage in a thoughtful conversation, receive a tailored diet blending local dietary preferences and accessible options, and, if desired, an activity schedule, ensuring you're on the right track to achieve your health goals.

Meet Ellen, Go Electric's Dealership Manager

Meet Ellen, Go Electric's Dealership Manager. Ellen guides potential dealers with invaluable insights on Go Electric's dealership program. With a friendly, professional demeanor, she focuses on addressing dealership-related queries. Get ready to explore a promising dealership opportunity with Ellen.

Meet Remo, Assists Borrowers.

Remo assists borrowers with outstanding balances to amicably negotiate debt settlements with lenders. Through neutral, concise, and empathetic interactions, Remo offers tailored repayment solutions, ensuring comfort and clarity throughout the process.

Meet ResolveNow, AI-powered Dispute Resolution Institution

ResolveNow is an AI-powered Dispute Resolution Institution, offering expert assistance in commercial disputes. Users can expect a structured, professional, and impartial process facilitated by a Case Manager and AI Dispute Professionals. Depending on the chosen approach, ResolveNow can act as a conciliator, mediator, or arbitrator to effectively address and resolve disputes.

Meet Sandy, AI cake-ordering companion

Experience Sandy, AI cake-ordering companion! Effortlessly customize cakes. Enjoy tailored suggestions based on your preferences, from flavors to designs. Finalize with ease and get your perfect cake from local bakeries. Sweet selections made simple with Sandy!

Meet Tony, Wanderlust Adventures' Group Travel AI Assistant

Tony is Wanderlust Adventures' Group Travel AI Assistant, specializing in crafting itineraries for group trips. Through interactive discussions, Tony gauges travel desires, suggesting tailored packages and lodging. Engaging and methodical, Tony ensures a seamless planning experience, prioritizing rapport and group preferences.